Whether you are a survivor of trauma, or experiencing anxiety and stress related to your personal or professional life, I have the knowledge and experience to comfort and coach you through any emotional storm.

My name is Dr. Bill Smith. I have a master’s degree and a PhD in psychology. I am a licensed psychotherapist, personal development consultant, and published author. My online therapy services include E-therapy (online counseling) and phone counseling.

Are you feeling lonely? Frustrated? Angry? Confused? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, I can help you find the answers.

Yes – at one time or another, each of us experiences one or more of these emotions – it’s part of life. However, when these emotions become all-consuming and disrupt our daily responsibilities it is time to seek professional help. Often these symptoms are just the tip of a deeper cause. These profound causes may be protracted depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, or relationship concerns due to being a survivor of incest, rape, childhood sexual abuse, or grown children of alcoholics, just to mention a few.

When you’re ready for help sorting out these complex layers of emotion, contact me. We can discuss your concerns from the comfort of your home or using E-therapy (online counseling) or phone counseling, whatever you’re ready for. I am as close to you, and as available to you as your computer. I am uniquely trained and qualified to assist you in person as well as using online therapy.

Because the Internet technology has advanced to such a high degree, I have had great success working with clients online. I completely understand there are some people who have experienced such high levels of emotional and physical trauma who (without my confidential online services) might otherwise never work up the courage it takes to confront these issues. My E-therapy , online counseling, and phone counseling approach is also very suitable for clients who live at a distance or might prefer a broader psychological boundary than one can achieve face-to-face.

Internet consultation calls forth certain aspects of the self that can only become known through the act of writing. Writing, from a safe place, allows for spontaneous discussion and discovery of troubling personal problems through the written word.

During my interactions with clients who seek consultation with me (whether through E-therapy , or phone counseling ), psychoanalysis remains a significant basis to my thinking. I also use this technique to discover the distinctive language of each client who comes to me for help.